Bowie Lau

@ Founder, MaGEHold & MaGESpire

ExCo Member at GIFT, leading our North Asia chapter. Founder & Managing Director of MaGEHold Group – An early-stage Technology Angel Investment Firm focused on nurturing innovative startups that enable technology adoption or deliver solutions enabled by contemporary technologies (like AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Cybersecurity & IoT) in Asia and Beyond. Founder & Managing Director of MaGESpire Group – A technology-focused Education & Advisory group enabling tech ventures in areas of Business Strategy & Tactics, Organizational Architecture, Joint Ventures & Partnerships and Business Development & Go-To-Market Planning. Includes the non-profit initiative of MaGESpire Community with a prominent presence in Meetup HK of ~1000 members that acts a knowledge enhancement & sharing forum that has a lot of educational talks focusing on emerging technologies, family offices and investments.
Affiliate Founding Partner at True Global Ventures 4 Plus – A first-of-its-kind Global Decentralized Venture Capital Fund focused on investing into promising early-stage & late stage Tech startups.
Member of the Blockchain Committee of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong – A non-profit industry association that looks to Advocate, Collaborate and Educate w.r.t. Fintech and foster a sensible mainstream adoption of FinTech innovations in Hong Kong.