Brock Pierce

@ 2020 Independent candidate for President of the United States

Brock Pierce is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, activist, former childhood actor, and father. Not content to reserve his talents for the silver screen, he soon became a major power player on the world stage — building a highly successful career in the tech industry before devoting his life to serving others.

Born into a middle-class family in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Pierce was imbued with an entrepreneurial spirit early on. His mother was a minister and his father worked in construction, and the hard-working Pierce soon found childhood success as an actor in feature-length films like The Mighty Ducks and First Kid. Inspired by the internet and its power to change the world, Pierce soon became a trailblazing innovator.

Pierce spent years founding, advising, and investing in hundreds of disruptive businesses, as well as being named to the coveted Forbes “Richest in Crypto” list. His contributions to the blockchain and broader technology industry have been integral to the development of countless innovations, resulting in creating new jobs and marketplaces which have improved the quality of life for millions of Americans. He created the first major marketplace for virtual goods in online gaming, which is expected to grow to $190B by 2025.

As a co-founder of Blockchain Capital, Pierce co-developed Security Token Offering (STO). As a pioneer in blockchain and digital currency, he helped create the first Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) as a new way to launch digital currencies, shortly after creating EOS, Stablecoin & Tether. The latter became the world’s most-traded cryptocurrency (annual trading volume exceeds $10 trillion), in which Pierce was responsible for putting the U.S. dollar on the blockchain with Tether in 2014. After he co-founded in 2017, it sold over $4B tokens in the EOS crowdsale — making it the largest ever.

Out of all of this success, however, came a sense of mission: to help those in underserved communities gain equal access to opportunity. Pierce moved to Puerto Rico in 2017 and immediately began to help the island recover from the never-before-seen infrastructural and economic devastation left by Hurricane Maria. He launched the Integro Foundation, a non-profit organization created to expand philanthropic resources to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Islands, and the entire region.

A prolific philanthropist, Pierce is personally involved with or has launched a number of charitable organizations. He is a Vice Chair and a spokesperson for the United States Marines Toys for Tots Foundation in New York, Long Island, and Puerto Rico. In April 2021, Pierce launched the “Save the VFW” campaign, in order to help struggling veterans’ halls, like the American Legion and the VFW recover from pandemic-related financial strain. As founder of the Brock Pierce Foundation, his philanthropy focuses on the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, the Center for Individual Rights, the Brennan Center for Human Rights, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the arts and cutting-edge research in medicine and mental health.

In 2020, Pierce channeled his passion for issues such as closing the wealth gap and advocating for due process and rule of law into a presidential run. Nominated as the independent candidate for President of the United States, he was notably endorsed by the Independence Party of New York and Florida, Tim Draper, Akon, David Else, and Charles Hoskinson. He became the first presidential candidate in U.S. history to receive a vote through the app, Voatz, using blockchain technology. Pierce participated in various debates with 3rd party candidates such as Howie Hawkins of the Green Party, Brian Carroll of the American Solidarity Party, Don Blankenship of the Constitution Party, and Gloria La Riva of the Party for Socialism & Liberation. Pierce successfully obtained ballot access in 16 different states and received over 45,000 votes nationwide.

Pierce holds two honorary ambassadorships in South Korea related to his international leadership in technology and philanthropy. He is the Honorary President of Gimcheon Blockchain AI center. Pierce has been a regular lecturer at Singularity University and has spoken at Mobile World Congress, WIRED, INK, Stanford University, USC, and UCLA. He has been featured in numerous publications, including The New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, WIRED, and Rolling Stone.