@ Crypto Musician, Shryne Keeper of Afribo

Dedeukwu is the African Igbo’s foremost Crypto musician and Artist who began his journey into the audio NFTs space early 13th February,2021 with guidance from his immediate elder brother @Osinachi who is Africa’s foremost Crypto Artist.Dedeukwu formed a team named CTRL with his O.GEEZ cyber mates @Gattraps(Seattle,US),Fishbrain(UK) & BSKZ(Brazil) and sold off their first NFTs on auction at 0.6ETH under DAORECORDS.The CTRL is working on their album dropping late JUNE to JULY and expect to drop his SPUNKY BLACK MIXTAPE album (JULY) with DEDEUKWU ALBUM (AUGUST) all coming with unlockables.
After making waves in the SOUTH EAST HIP HOP INDUSTRY IN NIGERIA,WEST AFRICA with SPUNKY BLACK brand the black passionate rapper is making great waves in the blockchain and has made up his mind to have his contents as NFTs and onboard the 1 million Africans he envisioned as a way to pay back to the community.