Dr Milly Perry

@ Chair, DAO4DAOS Institute & BUG Blockchain Global

Dr. Perry is an expert and consultant for innovation, blockchain, and R&D. She is a former research director at The Open University of Israel and CEO of its TTO Company. Her first Ph.D. is in Information Science, specializing in KM in Higher Education and Technology Transfer and Innovation Second PhD in Freeport for art. Dr. Perry was a Member of the National Committee for Israeli’s Researchers Database, a board member at EARMA (European Association for Research Administration), an active expert at the EC ERC-PoC. She is engaged in projects and expert groups in the WEF World Economic Forum , ISO Blockchain and the EU experts group, she is the head of Blockchain Excellence Center, the founder of DAO4DAOs Institute and BUG Blockchain University Global.

She is also the author of the book “Blockchain – Turning egosystem to ecosystem”, which includes a variety of use cases, blockchain principles, and practical ideas. The book facilitates and elaborates blockchain new paradigm implementation in society, business, companies, and governments.