Grigory Rybalchenko

@ Founder, CEO, Emiswap

Grigory Rybalchenko is the founder of – the first project in the EmiDAO ecosystem. Grigory is a former Accenture management and technology leader with degrees from prestigious institutions like Harvard Business School. He is also the founder of many prominent tech startups with clients like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Mars.

Active in the crypto space since 2012, as an early adopter of Bitcoin and other emerging cryptocurrencies, Grigory advised several token offerings on strategies and digital token models, including governmental and private companies in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe. He aided their blockchain implementation efforts and created a blockchain platform as a service to run token offerings.

In 2020, Grigory Rybalchenko launched the Decentralized Developers’ Group, the primary aim of which is to create the first fully autonomous DAO and its first project – EmiSwap. As an AMM DEX, EmiSwap distributes 100% of trading fees to liquidity providers and ESW token holders who then vote on the ecosystem’s future growth. The EmiSwap protocol offers Ethereum gas fee refunds and an NFT-based loyalty program to pro-active users.

Today, Grigory leads educational seminars on blockchain ecosystems, technologies, and the capacity for creativity and disruption in both established and novel businesses.