Ismail El Hamraoui

@ President, The Moroccan Youth Government

President of the Parallel Youth Government (2014-2021);

Communication advisor to the Minister of Regional Planning, Housing and City Policy (2017-2019)
-Head of Cabinet and Communication Advisor to the Minister of Employment and Social Affairs (2014-2017)

· Director of the National Institute of Youth and Democracy – Rabat (2012-2014)

· Coordinator of Youth Action Programs of the Moroccan Alternative Forum (2011-2012)

Monitoring Manager of the Zakoura Education Foundation (2009-2011)
· Secretary General of the Arab Union of Youth Governments (2021);

· Moroccan Youth Forum, President (2007-2014);

· Member of the Advisory Committee for the preparation of the draft law relating to the Advisory Council for Youth and Associative Action and the Framework Law on Youth (2014);

· Parliament of Young Arab Europeans, (President of the 2010 mandate);

· Member of the Executive Board of the Arab Youth Council for Integral Development (2009-2011);

· Advisory Council of Youth of the United Nation’s Fund for the Population (2007-2009);

· Director of PR Arab-European Center for Human Rights and International Law (2010);

· Member of the National Secretariat for Youth and Democracy (2007-2010);

· Founding member and SG of the Association Des Amis Des Universités Populaires (2006-2008)