Matthew Van Niekerk

@ CEO, Co-Founder, SettleMint

In 2016 after several years of self-study, use case analysis and experimentation with blockchain technologies in financial services and capital markets. Matthew cofounded SettleMint with one objective: to simplify the blockchain
journey for enterprises.

When you believe in the benefits that the technology will bring to organisations and to society as a whole, there is an accompanying moral obligation to accelerate the adoption of the technology and that is what we do at SettleMint. Our low-code, chain and infrastructure agnostic software solution provides the absolute shortest path between a use case concept and the realisation of the business case underpinning it.

A Canadian by origin and an Economist (Western) and MBA (Vlerick) by education, he spent the first 7 years of his international career in Tokyo, working in FX brokerage and where he launched two online retailing companies.

He then moved to Belgium in 2006 where he completed an MBA then went to work at KBC, where he started as an internal management and operations consultant, later as the COO of the Belgian Consumer Finance business and finally as the Head of Platform Innovation at KBC Securities where he was responsible for the technical side of the online retail brokerage platform ‘Bolero’ and the equity crowdfunding platform ‘Bolero Crowdfunding’.