Nitin Gaur

@ Director, IBM Digital Asset Labs

Nitin Gaur, Director of IBM WW Digital Asset Labs is renowned for his ability to analyse opportunities, anticipate trends, and create technologies that align with operational needs, catapult profitability, and dramatically improve the end-customer experience.

Since taking this role in 2015, Nitin has designed “blockchain for enterprise” solutions for large customers in regulated industries by working with various entities such as IBM research, large financial services industry clients, regulators and startup community addressing the fragmented blockchain landscape with existing application and transaction infrastructure.

Prior to this role, Nitin was the Chief Technology Officer for IBM Mobile Payments globally where he led IBM’s work globally around mobile wallets, mobile payments, and different forms of money.  He has achieved numerous industry recognitions and accolades, is a regular presenter at conferences globally.

He is an advisor on crypto-economic models to startups and has authored numerous papers and articles providing thought leadership across blockchain and different forms of payment technologies.

Nitin has over 70+ patents in the fields of blockchain, digital currencies and digital payments; and has been recognized as both an IBM Master Inventor and an IBM Distinguished Engineer for his contributions to the field.