Philip Eggen

@ CTO, Terrascale

Philip is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (FinTech) at TerraScale, where he leads the planning and pre-planning of Project Energos, a global plan for the deployment of green digital infrastructure projects, beginning with a pilot project in Reno, NV. At TerraScale, Philip is also responsible for developing multiple vectors of innovative technology in collaboration with multiple consortium partners.

Phillip has prior experience managing and deploying new and innovative technology, including an idea of his own, the Passive Financial Vehicle, which piggy-backed off of a blockchain central technology utilizing Masternodes, aimed towards allowing users to accrue wealth through an application in a passive way. He founded the Divi Project to build this technology. Phillip raised an investment of $1.75M which allowed the company to scale. He successfully exited the company in 2016.