Vinesh Chintaram

@ Chief Executive Officer, Urban & Rural Development Strategist, Vision Network Africa (VNA)

Vinesh Chintaram is a Mauritian architect and urban planner trained in France & Germany respectively. He has won several awards and recognitions during his earlier career in Europe. As a practicing professional, Vinesh is the co-founder and CEO of VISIOArchitecture, one of leading architectural & urban planning practices in Mauritius, with activities across the African continent. The firm has been involved in several landmark projects at national, regional and continental level. In 2020, VISIO was awarded the Best Promising Architectural firm Award for East Africa.

Apart from his professional activities, Vinesh is also involved in numerous philanthropic organisations. He previously served the Africa Union of Architects(AUA) as the Director for Strategic Development and Planning, and since 2018, he holds the position of Secretary General of the AUA.
As an active social entrepreneur, Vinesh has set up the platform “Vision Network Africa” (VNA) back in 2010 to promote resilience oriented development strategies at grass-roots across level in Africa. He is fully engaged with various international and Pan-African organisations, as well as the organs of the African Union. For instance, at the level of AU-ECOSOCC, Vinesh is bringing his humble contribution on matters related to trades, infrastructure, arts, culture and heritage. At the level of VNA, Vinesh is further developing of a series of strategic tools that use digitalisation, AI and blockchain technologies to boost intra-Africa Trades through the platform “Business Boost Africa” : “BIZBOO” . VNA is also leading another ambitious project, the “TREELIONAIRES”, which is currently in the pipeline to fight climate change though reforestation as an economic pillar for Africa.

For the past 15 years, Vinesh has travelled over 30 African countries and worked across the continent. He has over the years developed core expertise in strategic project programming, planning and development. He is constantly addressing the challenges and opportunities to unlocking the potentials of urban and rural Africa through intra-Africa connectivity and building resilience.