Elaine Bannerman

@ Pan-Africanist, Founder, Pan-African Tech Foundation

Elaine is a Pan-Africanist and the founder of Pan-African Tech Foundation where she advocates for Africans to come to the table to build solidarity on global developments in emerging technologies as Africans with an agenda for Africa. She is on a mission to “Transform Africa through Technology” by ensuring that training in blockchain and Artificial Intelligence reaches every corner of the continent. She has a passion for entrepreneurship, technology and innovation and she has mentored and advised start-ups on strategy and capital raising. Elaine maintains a keen focus on socio-economic development in Africa. She is relentless in maintaining an environment built on integrity, quality, operational excellence and uncompromising ethics. Elaine is also the founder of InfiniDNA,  a platform where start-up entrepreneurs are matched with start-up service providers to achieve mutual enrichment and empowerment in their business relationship as they “Start-up to Succeed”. Elaine has over 20 years’ experience as a lawyer in capital markets working for leading global financial institutions and she is a barrister of England and Wales.