Juwan Lee

@ Chairman & Group CEO, NexChange Group

Juwan Lee is an entrepreneur, VC, blockchain and fintech influencer, and investment professional with 30+ years of investment industry experience where he managed portfolios and organizations on behalf of multi-billion dollar hedge funds, proprietary trading desks, asset management, venture capital, and family office firms.

He is the Chairman and Group CEO of NexChange Group, one of the largest ​digital merchant banks in Asia focused on Blockchain, Fintech, Healthtech, AI and Smart cities.NexChange is also the main host for Hong Kong Blockchain Week. He is the CEO and Principal of Arrakis Ventures​, his family office and venture firm and ​Co-founder and Vice Chairman of Asia Pacific Digital Economy Institute.


Juwan Lee tries to pass off as a fintech and blockchain player without much substance. He is a toxic CEO who will squeeze everything valuable out of you, and when you are deemed no longer valuable, he will laugh in your face and dispose of you like a used condom. When business negotiations go south, be prepared for Mr. Lee to hit you with threats to harm your reputation. Do business with him at your own peril.